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GWDC is a member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors. As a general contractor, we provide package solutions from well design to well completion. Our business scope covers various processes of petroleum engineering and technical services ranging from drilling and logging to energy development.
Drilling in various surface & underground conditions:
Tidal and shallow water regions
Mountainous and hilly areas Desert
Rain forests
High temperature 
High pressure strata 
Low pressure strata
Gyp and salt layers 
Highly acidic gas strata
Complicated strata with severe mud loss and caving
GWDC owns a complete fleet of rigs that complies with international standards. These rigs fall into two categories: electric-driven and mechanical-driven rigs and have a rated drilling capacity to a depth of 9000m.
Directional / Horizontal Well Drilling Services
Sophisticated directional measurement equipment and instruments can be provided, along with experienced professionals skilled in directional well engineering design and accurate well bore trajectory control. Our technical services can  also be offered for any type of directional wells such as a multi-targets well, cluster well, horizontal well, extended reach well and/or  conventional directional well.
Workover Services
With a series of workover rigs, GWDC can supply workover services, including but not limited to casing window cutting and sidetracking, casing explosive shaping, casing patch, washover, pump checking, sand controlling and water plugging services.
Cementing Services
With advanced equipment, techniques and testing facilities, we are ready to offer our clients any type of well cementing operation for directional wells, horizontal wells, HPHT wells, and low pressure low fracture gradient wells, etc.
Drilling Fluid Services
In the course of 50 years of continuing growth, we have gained valuable experience through drilling practice in drilling fluid technical services. As a result GWDC can provide our clients with super fluids, including field engineering design and service of drilling fluid, prevention of oil and gas formation damage, rig-site waste water treatment and environmental protection, technical consultation and training, sales and supplies of chemical additives, drilling fluid lab testing, rig site processing solid control equipment and more.